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Is manual market research slowing you down? Use our unbiased, automated analytics tools to extract information* on market trends and changing investor behaviour.

*Data gathered from credible sources, including Bloomberg, ETF Global, etc.

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Get a big picture overview of which sectors, themes or regions investors are leaning towards or shying away from to find your best opportunity.

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Evaluate all perspectives to know what’s driving price action – investors’ sentiment, fund flow, and market momentum – all in real time.

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Extract concise and personalised results by using our advanced filters. Know which security has performed well to both bullish and bearish signals over the last year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

What does Investor Behaviour mean?

The Wisdom of The Crowds is the idea that large groups of people are collectively smarter than individual experts. At Augment, we quantify the Wisdom of The Crowds to ascertain the stance of the majority of investors. It comprises of the following three parts:

  • Sentiment: Which measures what investors are saying, writing through research reports, how they’re reacting to news etc.

  • Fund Flow: Which measures where investors are relatively investing more. Inflows may suggest that investors are optimistic about potential future returns while outflows suggest that investors are more wary.

  • Momentum: Price measures the current “psychology” of the “herd” and is the clearest representation of the behavioral dynamics of investors.

You can filter through US stocks and ETFs based on Market Mood. Head to Explore > ETF store/ US stocks > Filter.

What are the numbers within the Investor Behavior screen?

We measure and quantify three unique factors when determining the stance of Investors.
Sentiment, Fund Flow & Price Momentum. We provide you with components that are driving the signals. The numbers that you see are normalized scores of each of these measures. A number of 100 means that the respective score ranks at the 100th percentile (most positive) while a number of 0 means that the respective score ranks at the 0th percentile (most negative) while evaluating.
When all three measures are greater than certain thresholds, we are more confident of judging investors’ stance as Bullish. When they are below a certain threshold, we are similarly more confident in judging the stance as Bearish.

What do you mean by Market Mood signals (Bullish, Neutral, Bearish)?

Firstly, this is not Augment’s stance or advice. It is what we believe is the cumulative stance of all investors in the market. We get Sentiment, Fund Flow and Technical Data from various established third-party data sources and use sophisticated quant methods to analyse these data points.
Bullish – These are categories or securities where Investors are more positive about a security or category, are investing more, AND market momentum is also positive. Both investor behaviour and market trends point in a positive direction for us to conclude that investors have a BULLISH stance.
Bearish – These are categories or securities where Investors are less positive about a security or category, are investing less into it AND market momentum is also negative. Both investor behaviour and market trends point in a negative direction for us to conclude that investors have a BEARISH stance.

How can I find out if a particular ETF is preferred by investors?

Search for the ETF that you are passionate or interested in and click on it. Right off the bat, you will see signals on top that give the stance of investors towards this ETF and the category that it belongs to. Scrolling below, you will see its Signal Quality. This will tell you if the signal has performed well over the last 1 year. Other important details such as security details, recent news, exposure by sector and geography will make you more familiar with the ETF.
Typically if the market mood signal is Bullish, investors are leaning towards this security. The Signal Quality will tell you whether this signal has performed well for this security in the past.

How do I find the securities that investors are currently Bullish on?

You can head to Explore > ETF store/ US stocks > Filter. Here you will have the option to filter by investor behavior, signal quality, and other criteria to find ETFs or US Stocks that you are passionate about.

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